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A brand new partnership with the Leaves team who will now serve an espresso blend designed by our roasting team!

Here is a little more information on our new partners!

The goal of Leaves House is to help people who are looking for a rewarding experience leading to 100% Animal-Free alternative consumption. If that's not your main goal, you are welcome too!

Our main values are inclusion, gentleness, flexibility, trust, friendliness, creativity, diversity, empathy, kindness, pleasure and respect.

Leaves House started in Montreal in 2015 under the name “Café Leaves” at 2051 rue de la Montagne. The main characteristics of coffee are that it only offers vegetable milk when you want milk with your coffee, 100% vegetable pastries and plants.

In April 2019, Leaves House expanded its activities to 1800 avenue McGill College in downtown Montreal. The place is more spacious than the first branch and the variety of 100% animal-free products offered is more elaborate. The values of course remain the same! 

In July 2019, Leaves House implemented a six-month pilot project, "Leaves House Shop", at 1800 McGill College Avenue in a location adjacent to the café. It offered 100% animal-free, all vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and accessories. As soon as Leaves House obtains the necessary funds, she will look to open a new fashion boutique in downtown Montreal to meet your needs.