Our Values

At Pista, we work directly with farms and with a few carefully selected importers. This allows us to have meaningful and transparent transactions. Our vision is to create strong and lasting relationships. We work towards this goal to provide stability and support to our producer partners. This is why, year after year, you find the same origins on our shelves. It is a commitment on our part to source from the same communities so that we can grow together.

“There is a person and a story behind every coffee, we make sure to tell it to you!”

  • Transparency Our commitment to purchasing price transparency and bean traceability reflects our desire to support producers, guarantee the quality of our coffees and promote the sustainability of the coffee industry. This is why, with each coffee, you can trace the origin of the beans back to the farm, as well as the journey to your cups, ensuring you get a product paid at the right price.
  • Quality All our grains are selected with great care and follow a rigorous selection process. Each season, we receive samples of exceptional batches from our producer partners. These coffees are tasted blind by the roasting team and chosen for their taste qualities, their origin, the people and the projects associated with them. So it’s easy to say that these coffees are the team’s favorites!
  • Community Beyond the cup, its taste, and the baristas, there is a community at the origin, to whom we owe our coffee. “Micro” producers, owners of only a few hectares of land, are responsible for more than 85% of the coffees produced around the world. The coffees that we select, through innovative projects, encourage and support the financial independence of our partners on the farm.
  • Recolectores Project in Colombia
  • Women producers Ikizere Community
  • Monkaaba Project in Colombia