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Espirito Santo_WS
Espirito Santo_WS
Espirito Santo_WS
Espirito Santo_WS
Espirito Santo_WS
Espirito Santo_WS


Espirito Santo_WS

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Country Brazil
Region Espirito
Farm Several producers
Altitude 1000 M
Method Washed
Notes Cocoa, vanilla, molasses


After months of waiting, one of our favorite coffees is finally back: the Espirito Santo. Last year, this sweet coffee was the favorite of many espresso lovers. We therefore did not hesitate for a moment before selecting this lot from the last harvest. Always so versatile and easy to extract at home, we are very happy to find Espirito Santo again on our menu.

This lot comes from three producers of the Afonso Claudio area, in the center of the province of Espirito Santo, Brazil. Altamiro Lüdke, Anilar Simer de Vargas and Dalmo Ruchdeschel, who traditionally produce robusta (called conilon in Brazil), started cultivating varieties of arabica several years ago in order to reach a higher quality market and higher prices. Once the post-harvest process is completed, the three producers sell their coffee in the form of parchment (the last protective layer of coffee) to the Coopeavi cooperative, which takes care of preparing the coffee for export. Coopeavi then sells the coffee to our import partner Osito Coffee who takes care of its transportation and storage in North America.

The Espirito Santo is hand picked at full maturity, at an altitude of 1000m, between July and December. It is then rigorously sorted in order to remove overripe or underripe cherries, before being immersed in basins of water for 24 to 72 hours to remove its pulp. Then, it is laid out on raised beds and regularly turned over to ensure uniform and adequate drying. This lot consists of different varieties such as Catuaì, Catucaì, Obata and Mundo Novo. Syrupy and sweet, its classic roast makes Espirito Santo a perfect choice for espresso.

This very sweet and syrupy coffee tastes like cocoa and vanilla, on a texture reminiscent of molasses.