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Cold Brew Sonkolle Kallato (12)

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Cold Brew Sonkolle Kallato (12)

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NEW: Ready-to-drink iced coffee from the best coffee beans in the world.

Cold Brew has been a beverage of choice in our coffee shops for several years. Here is the ready-to-drink version that combines our know-how and our specialty coffees to provide you with a high quality beverage. No preservatives or additives. Only good coffee, water and time!

Format: 12 x 1L

Pays Ethiopia
Region Uraga
Farm Green Spring, Ture Waji et Mike Mamo
74110, 74112
Altitude 2300M
Method Natural
Notes Tropical fruits, blackcurrant, earl gray


This year, the Café Pista team has decided to spoil themselves by offering you a second batch of natural Ethiopian! Sweet, fruity and super fun, we love these coffees, and we know you will too!

This coffee comes from the Uraga region, in southern Ethiopia. We owe it to the new collaboration between two friends and collaborators of Café Pista, Ture Waji and Mike Mamo. Ture is an outstanding producer to whom we owe the Bookkisa, while Mike has been our import partner for Ethiopia for several years. Together, Ture and Mike created the Green Spring car wash, located in the village of Uraga. There, they harvest the cherries from several dozen producers in the region, all located at an extraordinary altitude of 2300 meters. Once harvested, the cherries are scrupulously sorted and dried to produce one of the best natural coffees we have ever roasted. Ture's know-how in coffee production and Mike's expertise in quality control combine perfectly to form a kind of unprecedented "dream team". We are particularly proud to be one of the first roasters to be able to offer this coffee. This collaboration was made possible thanks to our import partner Osito Coffee.  

Sonkolle Kallato is hand-picked at full maturity, at an altitude of 2300m, between November and February. It is then rigorously sorted in order to remove the cherries that are too ripe or not ripe enough, before being laid out on high beds. On these beds, the cherries form a mat no more than 4 cm thick and are turned 6 times a day to optimize air circulation. They are thus dried in the sun for a period ranging from 21 to 28 days before being mechanically pulped. Sonkolle Kallato is made up of varieties 74110 (Gibirinna) and 74112 (Serto). These two varieties were selected by the JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Center) in 1979 for their resistance to certain diseases, as well as for their high sensory potential.