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Espresso 101


Espresso 101

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Getting your hands on some quality beans is a great start, and we're here to give you that little extra push towards a solid cup of coffee by teaching you just how to skilfully adjust your espresso settings and ensure you reach that perfectly balanced extraction every single time. 

Learn some basic concepts to be able to make delicious espresso at home. Learn how to adjust your espresso according to your tastes, and find the perfect balance in your extraction.

In this course, we will equip you to bring out the full potential of the coffee beans you have chosen.

You will also leave with a general knowledge of the different types of coffee, and better understand the influence that the terroir, the drying method, the level of roasting, etc., have on your final cup.

A practical, theoretical and sensory course.

On today's agenda: 

The discovery of the long way between the coffee plant and your cup, 

The theory on the necessary gear and methods for espresso extraction, 

The tools to understand why and how to adjust your espresso, 

Milk frothing basics, 

The tasting,

The practice.

In addition, you will learn more about the typicity of the different coffee regions. We will end this workshop with a tasting which will consist in observing and identifying the tastes and aromas of coffee.

The workshops take place in our lab space at 2177 Masson St., suite 214. 

A bag of coffee is offered to each participant. 

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