We take great care in selecting equipment that we know to be durable and choose our coffees meticulously for your satisfaction. 

If you wish to receive advice on one of our products, origins or equipment, write us! A member of our team will be happy to guide you in your quest for the best coffee. 


Note that with increased traffic over the holidays and the addition of new health measures related to COVID-19, delivery times may be longer. 

If delivery times exceed 10 working days, we will be happy to contact Canada Post customer service to find out the status of your deliveries. (Holidays are not counted within 10 days.)

Example : December 23, 2020 + 10 working days = January 8, 2021

Because mistakes are human and they happen! 

If you ever receive your package in an unsatisfactory condition or if an error has been made in your order, write us and we'll make things right. ASAP! Believe us, there is nothing we understand better than the need to have your coffee in the morning.  



We apply to the majority of our coffees a “brown” roasting or “light roast”, a style which gently highlights the natural aromas of the cherry and of the terroir of origin. As with wine, the flavours and aromatic qualities differ from one grape variety to the other. 

If you have any doubts about the taste of your coffee, or if you're simply not too keen on your purchase, contact one of our coffee experts via Facebook messenger. We're here to share our best recipes with you and help you achieve optimal coffee brewing results. Furthermore, if you find your latest choice to be less satisfactory than usual, we'll be happy to offer you a discount on a future purchase so you can try something new. 


All our coffees are ground according to equipment standards, tested in our lab and verified with our customers. 

In order to suit the vast majority of machines, we have chosen a medium-fine grind for you. If you find that your grind is too fine or too coarse for your personal machine, write us, and we will adapt the coarseness for your next order with a discount code for your subsequent purchase.  



All of our equipment can be returned within fifteen days of the date of purchase. Whether it's because you received a duplicate gift, or changed your mind at the last minute, we'll be happy to rectify the situation. 

Exchange or credit

After 15 days and up to 2 months after the date of purchase, we offer Pista gift cards as reimbursement. The Pista gift card can be used online or at a branch. 

How to proceed?

The best way to do this is to write to a member of our virtual team via Facebook messenger to process a refund, an exchange or a credit. The product must not have been used and must be in the same condition as when it was sold. The delivery costs for returning the package are not reimbursed. 

The return address is: 2650 rue Masson, H1Y 1W2, Montreal, Qc, Canada.