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Country Colombia
Region Huila
Farm Tarqui Colectivo
Variety Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Altitude 1900m
Method Washed
Notes  Caramel, candied fruit and dates

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Produced by the Tarqui collective, this coffee is the fruit of the harvest of 4 producers: Nemesio Ramos, Andres Guarnizo, Yaneth and Alexander Trujillo. Tarqui is a municipality located south of the Huila region in southern Colombia. Although this is the first year that our importing partner Osito has worked with this group of producers, Tarqui is renowned to produce magnificent coffees. We trusted Kyle and the rest of the Osito team to help us select a lot to meet our requirements, while ensuring traceability and transparency in purchase prices.

The Tarqui is cgrown at an altitude of 1900m, and is made up of the Caturra, Castillo and Colombia varieties. It is picked by hand at full maturity and sorted by flotation. It is mechanically depulped and then placed in a water tank to remove its mucilage, before being slowly dried on patios for 10 to 15 days. We apply a medium roast to this coffee to bring out its particularly sweet side, while retaining its fruity aromas. Tarqui is syrupy and slightly tart when consumed as espresso, and complex and sharpas filter.

This coffee is syrupy and sweet like caramel and expresses notes of dates and of candied fruit.



This is the first year that we have bought coffee from the collective from Tarqui. We selected this coffee after tasting, in blind cupping and in several stages, more than 12 samples from Colombia. We bought 11 bags of 70kg, or 770kg on a batch of 1260kg in total. We paid $3,20 USD / lb to our partner importer Osito. The FOB price of this coffee is $2,53 USD / lbs, while farmgate is $ 1,19 USD / lb. The price of the c-market at the time of purchase was $ 1,31 USD / lb (éequivalent FOB).


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