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Coffee lovers, meet the Prismo,  the pressure-controlled valve designed to complement the AeroPress coffee maker and allow you to make espresso easily and without a machine! 

Syrupy and smooth, the coffee made with the Prismo resembles a traditional espresso in every way. With its reusable metal filter which eliminates the need to equip yourself with paper filters, the Prismo is sure to help you get through the day.

Pista's recipe for an espresso with the Aeropress and the Prismo:

18g of coffee
50ml hot water

  • Compatible with Aeropress only
  • 70 micron reusable etched stainless steel filter
  • Integrated gasket – prevents your brew from leaking over the sides
  • 6.99cm diameter, 2.54cm tall
  • Aeropress infuser not included 

Do not use the Prismo on glass vessels. Prismo creates a great deal of pressure, and glass is fragile! When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal vessel.