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Fugi Ikizere Natural
Fugi Ikizere Natural
Fugi Ikizere Natural


Fugi Ikizere Natural

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Country Rwanda
Region Nyaruguru
Farm Ikizere
Variety Bourbon Red
Altitude 1850M
Method Wash
Notes Apricot, green apple, jasmine


The two Fugi Ikizere coffees, washed and natural, are both harvested from the same trees and produced by the same people. Rarely do we have the opportunity to taste the same coffee treated according to the two main post-harvest processes, namely the washed method and the natural method. Beyond this rare opportunity, these two coffes are also an opportunity to highlight the specialty coffee industry's incredible ability to create strong social and cultural ties at different levels of the supply chain. 

This coffee comes from the Nyaruguru region in southern Rwanda. The name Fugi corresponds to the washing station in which it was carried out, while Ikizere is the name of the group of producers behind this coffee. The Ikizere group is made up of 23 women, all single mothers, the majority of whom are widows. These women, who have encountered many personal and financial difficulties due to their isolation, have decided to come together to form a true united community, around the harvest of coffee cherries. Together, they form a particularly close-knit group of producers, based on mutual aid and support. They even went so far as to pulp the cherries (intended for the washed process) manually, a phase usually carried out mechanically. This step, long and laborious, was decided by the group in order to allow them to discuss for long hours, and to create close links, while maintaining an assiduous control over the fruit of their harvest. Once the cherries are pulped, it is the employees of the Fugi washing station who take over, under the supervision and the watchful eye of Emmanuel Rusatira, director of Baho Coffee, and owner of the station. Emmanuel is not only one of the greatest coffee specialists in Rwanda, but also a key figure in social and community life in the Nyaruguru region. Emmanuel has advised and supported Ikizere producers from the start, and has also set up a funding program, called Farmer First Premium Program, allowing it to return additional funds to the producers, approximately 6 months after the harvest. This program allows Emmanuel to remunerate the Ikizere group up to 150% of the maximum ceiling imposed by the government in order to control the sometimes unfair competition between producers. This coffee, and the incredible social impact it enables, was brought to us through Brendan Adams and his import company Semilla Coffee. 

The producers constituting the Ikizere group are as follows: Costasie Mukamuzima, Epiphanie Ntawangaheza, Theodosie Uwambajimana, Adidja Nyiracumi, Vestine Sindikubwabo, Josephine Uwimana, Bernadette Mukandemera, Christine Utarengejeho, Berancilla Baravuguga, Veriearengejeho, Berancilla Baravanyeampenante, Mariamarwaqiane Mukuyiane, Vukuyiane Mukampwaampanye Mukanye Mukanye Mukanyee Mukanyee Mukanyee Mukanyee Mukanyee Mukanyee Mukanyee Mekanywa Baravanye Mekanywe Mukuyiane Nyirantashya, Drocelle Nyirarugwiro, Christine Nyandwi, Alphonsine Mukamugema, Seraphine Mukaremera, Marguerite Niyongere, Venantie Mukakizima, Veronique Niyonizeye, Cecile Nyiraminani, Emerance Hategekiman.

Grown at an altitude of approximately 1850 meters, this coffee is made from the Bourbon Rouge variety. It is picked at full maturity and sorted by floatation first, then by hand, to remove overripe or underripe cherries, before being stored in plastic bags for 12 hours. The cherries are then spread out on raised beds forming a mat 2 to 4 cm thick. The cherries are manually turned every hour for the first 5 days, every two hours for the next 15 days, then at regular intervals depending on the temperature until the correct humidity level is reached after about 50 days of drying. Fruity and sweet, it can be drunk both as an espresso and as a filter, offering a delicate espresso or a complex filter.

This fruity coffee develops aromas of hibiscus. Sweet and exotic, it tastes of guava and honeydew melon.




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