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Fleur de café
Fleur de café


Fleur de café

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Country Bolivia
Region Caranavi
Farm The Rodriguez family
Altitude 1550M
Method Hand picked
Notes White tea, jasmine, hibiscus


Produced in Bolivia by the Rodriguez Family, to whom we also owe the Kusillo and Las Alasitas coffees, this coffee flower offers a delicate infusion similar to white tea. Very rarely valued, the coffee flower is an exclusive product that we are very honored to be able to offer you to taste.

Each year, the start of the coffee harvesting season is marked by the flowering of coffee trees. This surprising and magnificent event comes after a period of heavy rain, followed by several days of sunshine. All the coffee trees bloom together, filling the air with a sweet scent of jasmine. Once the coffee trees are adorned with several hundred white flowers, it only takes a few weeks to see the fruit, the coffee cherries, form. This is when Pedro Rodriguez, the grower to whom we owe this magnificent product, harvest the flowers before hanging them out and drying them for several hours. 

Infuse preferably in a teapot or a French press, using a ratio of 3g of Fleur de café to 220ml of water at 80C. Let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes. 

This coffee flower is delicate and floral, it tastes like white tea with notes of jasmine and hibiscus.