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Ready-to-drink cold brew (12)

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Ready-to-drink cold brew (12)

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NEW: Ready-to-drink cold brew from the best coffee beans in the world.

Cold Brew has been a very appreciated beverage at Pista for several years. Here is the ready-to-drink version that combines our know-how and our specialty coffees to provide you with a high quality beverage. No preservatives or additives. Only good coffee, water and time!

12 x 250 ml


Country Guatemala
Region Nuevo Oriente
Farm Several producers
Altitude 1400 m
Method Wash
Notes Chocolate, hazelnut, molasses


This coffee comes from the Nuevo Oriente region in southern Guatemala and is a magnificent example of what is commonly referred to as a field blend. Contrary to what one might think, a coffee crop is very rarely consistent in quality. It is thus common to separate the less qualitative third in order to sell it on the local market, while the upper third is sold in micro-lots of single origin and intended for export. An intermediate third of medium quality thus often remains in the hands of the producers. And this is where the role of the exporter becomes crucial, as was the case with this coffee. Indeed, the company Onyx Coffee is responsible for exports for dozens of farms in Guatemala, including La Esperanza for example. Each year, Edwin Martinez and his team work hard to buy the middle third of the crops from the farms they work with, and then carefully put together blends. Each batch is first rigorously controlled, then some are mixed together so that the qualities of one reinforce the faults of the other. Thanks to this blending technique, whole batches of coffee that might have been sold at ridiculous prices become magnificent batches of superior quality, allowing producers to earn additional income. It is this very principle of rebirth that inspired the Onyx team to name Fenix for this coffee. This reference also serves to underline the extraordinary ability of Guatemalan producers to recover from such hardships as the hurricanes they have experienced in recent years. As a roaster, it is essential for Café Pista to also buy this type of blend from several farms, as they constitute an important source of income for their producers. This collaboration was made possible by the work of Edwin Martinez and the rest of the Onyx Coffee team.

Grown at an average altitude of 1400 meters, this coffee is made from the Bourbon, Caturra and Catuaì varieties. It is picked at full maturity and sorted by floatation first, then by hand, to remove overripe or underripe cherries. It is then mechanically pulped and passed under a stream of water to remove the remaining mucilage, before being dry fermented for 18 to 30 hours. Finally, it is spread out on a patio for slow and even drying.