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Cold brew bottle (4)
Cold brew bottle (4)
Cold brew bottle (4)
Cold brew bottle (4)

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Cold brew bottle (4)

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NEW: Ready-to-drink cold brew from the best coffee beans in the world.

Cold Brew has been a very appreciated beverage at Pista for several years. Here is the ready-to-drink version that combines our know-how and our specialty coffees to provide you with a high quality beverage. No preservatives or additives. Only good coffee, water and time!

4 x 1L

Country Colombia
Region San Augustin
Farm Pastor Ordonez
Bourbon Pink
Altitude 1800M
Method Washed
Notes Red grape, lime, brown sugar


We are very happy to find a coffee that particularly marked us last year, the first batch of our Colectivo series produced by Pastor Ordonez! Pastor represents the third generation of coffee growers in his family, who were among the first to start growing coffee in the region. Now 50 years old, Pastor Ordonez has dedicated his entire life to growing coffee and is now recognized as one of the most respected producers in the region. Following family tradition, his farm started production with around 4,000 trees of the Caturra variety. A variety which, together with the Typica, was extremely common in the time of Pastor's parents. Today, Pastor cultivates trees of different varieties, including the magnificent Pink Bourbon, which gives us this incredible sweet and refreshing coffee. 

Through his long experience as a producer and his various roles within local organizations, Pastor Ordonez has established himself as one of the pillars of the Monkaaba collective. Through this collective, Pastor hopes that he and the other producers will be able to free themselves from the diktats of the large local purchasing associations, and assert the interests themselves, directly with the local roasters. Although he has always produced exceptional coffees, Pastor has never had the opportunity to sell his coffee in micro-lots according to specialty coffee standards. The Pista team is very honored to find this incredible coffee, as well as the talented Pastor Ordonez through this Colectivo series. This year again we owe this collaboration with the Monkaaba collective to our partner Semilla Coffee.

Grown at an altitude of around 1800 meters, this coffee is made from the pink bourbon variety. It is picked when fully ripe and sorted by flotation first, then by hand, in order to remove the cherries that are too ripe or not ripe enough. It is then placed in the mechanical pulper for 12 hours before being mechanically pulped and dry-fermented for . Then it is washed 3 to 5 times under a stream of water to remove the remaining mucilage, before being slowly dried on raised beds for 8 to 30 days.