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Country Ethiopia
Region Shakiza, Guji
Farm Various
Variety 74110, 74112
Altitude 2175m
Method Natural
Notes  Mango, Raspberry, Plum wine

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This coffee comes from the hamlet of Bookkisa in the Guji Highlands region of southern Ethiopia. This lot is the result of the work of 33 farmers whose “garden” plantings rarely exceed 2.5 hectares. In this type of farm, the coffee plants are scattered around the main dwelling, under a semi-forest canopy next to other types of subsistence crops (vegetables, corn, etc.). Once the coffee cherries are harvested, they are taken on foot to the washing station in the kebele (village) of Dambi Uddo for sale.

Once delivered to the Dambi Uddo washing station, owner Ture Waji and his team take over to turn the cherries into green coffee beans ready to be shipped. The Bookkisa is hand picked at full maturity, at an altitude of 2175m, between the months of November and February. It is then rigorously sorted in order to remove overripe or underripe cherries, before spreading those that remain on high beds.

Bookkisa is made up of varieties 74110 (Gibirinna) and 74112 (Serto). These two varieties were selected by the JARC (Jimma Agricultural Research Center) in 1979 for their resistance to certain diseases, as well as for their high sensory potential.

This coffee is complex and sweet like mango and expresses itself on notes of raspberries with a finish reminding us of plum wine. 


This is the first year that we have purchased coffee from the Sookoo Coffee company. We selected this coffee after having tasted, in blind cupping and in several stages, more than 12 samples. We bought 15 bags of 60kg, or 900kg out of a total lot of 6000kg. We paid $ 4.85 USD/lb to our partner importer Osito Coffee. The FOB (ready to export) price of this coffee is $ 3.70 USD/lb, while the producers in Bookkisa received from the washing station in Dambi Uddo 29 birr per kilo of cherry, or about $ 2.64 USD/lb (corrected equivalent). The c-market price at the time of purchase was $ 0.95 USD/lb, while the FairTrade rate was $ 1.40USD/lb (FOB equivalent).


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