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Pista Roasting was born in 2018. It is for us the continuation of our passion for coffee and its community.

It all starts with a meticulous selection of the green beans we buy. Our coffee menu is chosen and thought to represent our customers. We want coffees that appeal as much to those who want to be surprised by an explosion of fruit as to those who want more traditional chocolate and hazelnut notes. Before making a choice, we taste several samples to be sure to find the grain that meets our criteria. We are looking for product quality, of course, but beyond that, transparency, grain traceability and the certainty that we are making an ethical purchase which will contribute to sustainable trade.

We are part of the Canadian roasting company (CRS) located in Pointe St-Charles. The first co-working roasting space in the country with state-of-the-art equipment and a group of professional roasters with whom we are fortunate to share our knowledge and develop the best roasting techniques.

Our vision is to roast the beans in a way that showcases the natural qualities of the coffees we select. The coffee bean is a wonder in and of itself. Certain aromas and tastes are specific to their terroir and we want our roasting style to enhance them, whether by selecting a lighter or medium roast. Rigorous quality control is then put in place to establish the right recipes and ensure that the coffee is delicious, week after week!

We are proud to be part of your morning ritual!

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