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Gatukuza # 3


Gatukuza # 3

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Country Burundi
Region Ngozi
Farm Long Miles Coffee Project
Variety Bourbon
Altitude 1650m
Method Washed
Notes  White grapes, apricot and jasmine

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This cafe is of particular importance to the Pista team. Since our beginnings, and even before these, we have always had a weakness for the delicacy and the complexity that the coffees of Burundi offer. Unfortunately, this country, which is already strongly affected by political and economic instability, is also facing a coffee plant disease called "potato taste defect" (PTD). This disease, which does not cause any apparent damage to the plant (therefore is very difficult to detect and prevent), gives the affected grains a potato taste. However, thanks to rigorous agricultural practices, some producers manage to fare well and offer extraordinary coffees, recognized throughout the world for their olfactory quality and for their incredible clarity. 

In September 2019, as the harvest neared its end, we contacted the team of Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP), an initiative of Ben and Kristy Carlson, in order to give visibility to a group of producers who produce among the best coffee in the country. After several months of discussions with Ben and David from LMCP, numerous tastings, and with the help of our import partner Osito, we can finally introduce you to a coffee that is particularly important to us.

Gatukuza lot # 3 comes from the Ngozi region, in the north of Burundi. It owes its name to the washing station from which it comes, as well as the fact that it is the fruit of the third day of harvest. This is the first year that Therence Nduwayezu, the owner of the washing station, has organized the harvest by dividing its days into batches. This practice, common in the world of specialty coffee, allows optimal quality control and offers the possibility of isolating the best batches. This is how he and the producers he works with managed to win the prestigious Cup of Excellence - Burundi in 2019. Since then, the Long Miles Coffee Project team has decided to partner with the Gatukuza washing station. in order to ensure its producers a purchase price up to par with the quality of production.

Grown at an altitude of 1650m, Gatukuza #3 is made from the Bourbon variety. It is manually picked at maturity and sorted by flotation by the producers before being transported to the washing station. There, it undergoes a first sorting by hand then is immersed in a water tank in order to remove his mucilage. It is then carefully sorted by hand for almost 6 hours, before being dried on bunk beds for 14 to 21 days. To respect this strict sorting and slow drying method, we apply a medium-clear roast to Gatukuza #3. It is a delicate and tangy coffee in espresso, and particularly sweet, floral and complex in filter.

This complex and delicate coffee develops floral notes of jasmine and sweet apricot, cut by a fine acidity of white grapes.



This is the first year that we have purchased coffee from the Long Miles Coffee Project collective. We selected this coffee after tasting, in blind cupping and in several stages, more than 12 samples, all from Burundi or Rwanda. We bought 10 bags of 60kg, or 600kg. We paid $ 4.25 USD / lb to our partner importer Osito. The FOT (Burundi) price of this coffee is $ 3.00 USD / lb, which means that Osito has taken over the export from Burundi. The farmgate (estimated) is $ 2.50 USD / lb. The c-market price at the time of purchase was $ 1.01 USD / lb (FOB).


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